Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question, but too shy to get in touch - never fear! Below is a list of FAQ questions about knitwear and Little Spuggy products:

What is 'knitwear'?

Quite simply: knitwear is clothing that has been knitted.

Knitwear can be made out of different fabrics and yarns, such as; wool, cotton, bamboo, linen, and acrylic (which is plastic based).

It is one of the oldest forms of clothes-making, and can be created by hand knitting (using knitting needles), or by a machine (aka machine knitting).


How do I take care of my knitwear?

How you care for your knitwear depends on the fibres/material it is made up of....

For wool/animal fibre knitwear (sheep, cashmere, angora, yak); I highly recommend hand washing, then drying flat on a clean towels. Most wools are antibacterial, as do not need washing, unless soiled. For these items of knitwear, shake them outside and then store in a pest-free storage area. Ideally in a pest (moth/carpet beetle) proof storage bag.

For cotton, linen & bamboo knitwear: these items can be washed on a gentle 30oC machine cycle. Then air dry.

To keep your knitwear ion top condition: I do not recommend tumble drying - not even on a low heat setting.


What knitwear is in fashion?

In my humble opinion, the most fashionable knitwear is the kind you enjoy/love to wear!

If you adore unique designs, or have a soft spot for colour - then that the knitwear for you.

Alternatively, if plainer styles and neutral colours are your jam - then go for them. You should follow your heart, not the catwalk!

But..... if that's not enough for you - then check out my blog for latest trends.


What material is knitwear?

As mentioned above, knitwear can be made of different fibres and materials.

Here, at Little Spuggy, it is important to me to use natural, breathable yarns. Using natural fibre yarns, makes wearing knitwear a more enjoyable experience - Little Spuggy knitwear won't make you all hot and sweaty.


How do I place a bespoke order?

It is not currently possible for you to place a bespoke order request via LittleSpuggy.com.

As lots of detail and information, about your dream piece of knitwear, will need to be captured. To get the ball rolling, please contact me directly, either via the contact form or mylittlespuggy@gmail.com


Where can I buy Little Spuggy knitwear?

The first, and obvious answer to this question is: right here, on LittleSpuggy.com

However, I do also sell at markets in Surrey. These are usually monthly markets, during the autumn, winter and spring months.

But don't worry if you can visit me in person - my market stall is also online via Mayfli.co